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Lesson 8B:  
Alabama and the War on Terror

A Social Studies Lesson Plan Developed for

Upper Elementary (4-6) and Middle School (7-8)


Lesson Plan Details


To be printed for distribution to Students:

Links for use in Lesson Plan presentation:

Teacher Information:

  • Names of the people with ties to Alabama who died in 9/11 attacks.   Write one name on 9 separate pieces of paper to distribute to the student groups 


Lynn Edwards Angell, Alok Mehta, Carl Max Hammond, Jimmy Ira Holly, Terry Lynch, Operations Specialist 2nd Class Nehamon Lyons IV, Information Systems Technician 1st Class Marsha Ratchford,  Sgt. Tamara Thurman, Major Dwayne Williams, Eddie Dillard (only lived a few months in Alabama and was not mentioned in the news story of people from Alabama) 

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