Regiment of Columns

Veterans and their families are the soul of The Alabama Veterans Memorial. Their thoughts, letters, telegrams, and personal histories are communicated in several forms throughout the Memorial. Many of the "testaments" contributed to The Alabama Veterans Memorial Foundation are cast in metal and mounted with other reliefs on a series of columns standing tall and proud upon the hilltop Memorial complex. The words engraved in the memories of mothers and fathers, sons and

daughters, brothers and sisters, wives and husbands - words that forever remind the ones who loved of the one they lost - are now engraved forever in this powerful monument at The Alabama Veterans Memorial in Birmingham.  Also permanently memorialized on the 36 columns are the citations of Alabama's 25 Medal of Honor recipients engraved in brushed aluminum plaque castings. In addition to the Medal of Honor citations and personal "last letters" is patriotic artwork produced by Alabama artists.