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We believe that every veteran deserves a tangible way of being publicly recognized for his or her service. Our StepStone campaign offers all who served our country a special place of remembrance at the Alabama Veterans Memorial Park. Each StepStone is a four by eight inch paver engraved with the honored veteran’s name, rank, and branch of service.  These StepStones are permanently installed twice a year beneath the 120 foot high American Flag in the American Flag Plaza at the end of the Memorial Trail.  Click Here to see the list of currently installed StepStones.


The Alabama Veterans Memorial Foundation hosts two StepStone Ceremonies yearly (the Sunday preceding Memorial Day weekend and the Sunday before Veterans Day)  to dedicate the pavers to the honored veterans and also to give family, friends, and colleagues an opportunity to say a few words about the honored veteran’s service to our country. 


StepStone veterans may be from any state, any time, and any branch of service. The only requirement is that they have served our country.  Veterans groups may also purchase a StepStone to honor their group.  


For the purchase of a StepStone your tax-deductible $100 may be mailed to the address below or Click Here to fill out the form and pay online.  You will receive an acknowledgment letter for tax purposes and an invitation to the next StepStone Ceremony.


Contact us today:  


205-306-3064 or

StepStone - AVMF

P.O. Box 59343

Birmingham, AL 35259

Click here to see the list of currently installed StepStones...

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