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Yes, We Remember!

AMVF is accepting  Corporate Sponsors to support and honor the

Alabamians who paid the ultimate price for freedom. Your 

sponsorship would be used for general operational support

as well as needed maintenance and improvements of the park's grounds. 

Your support will help us achieve our vision of establishing our Time Line &

building our Educational Center. Thousands of people annually visit the

Memorial Park. Our goal is to continue to educate all ages and your

support will enable us to continue to do so.


A veteran, is someone who at
one point “wrote a blank check” payable to The United States of America for

an amount up to, and including their life. Many people in our country today no longer understand the significance of courage. The Alabama Veterans Memorial Foundation's primary mission is to not only perpetuate this “Peace Park” for honoring veterans, dead and living, but also to educate our visitors. Osmond K Ingram from Pratt City gave his life at age 21 in World War I.  Earl Brake from Watson gave his life at age 21 in World War II.  Tommy Hill from New Castle gave his life at 21 in Vietnam.  Trey Wilburn from Huntsville gave his life at 29 in the Persian Gulf War.  The Alabama Veterans Memorial Foundation is dedicated to keeping alive their memories along with the memories of all other Alabamians, living and dead, who fought for peace in the 20th and 21th Centuries.

We are asking all Corporations, Organizations, and Individuals to Honor Veterans from the Hall of Honor Walls. Click Here for Donation.

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