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Learning about the 20th century wars is not only critical for students in the Alabama, it also has the potential to engage all kinds of learners in a variety of ways. Through essays and articles, engaging web-based activities, and primary source documents such as photos, letters, diaries, and literature, students of all ages that explore the websites we have compiled, will gain a balanced perspective of Alabama Veterans. They can walk in the shoes of a WWI solider, or make strategic decisions as General MacArthur. They will learn about popular music of the day, about life on the home front through the love letters of its soldiers, the significance of paper money, or the role of women during the War time.


Teachers will also find lesson plans and resource to help guide the exploration of students. The Internet is full of fascinating and accessible resources about Alabama Veterans Impact during war time–this list is just the tip of the iceberg!


The Alabama Veterans Memorial Foundation offers classroom materials and professional development to help teachers effectively use primary sources for information on wars from the 20th Century to present day.

Lesson Plans:

Lesson Plan One:   What is an Alabama Veteran?  

This lesson plan contains activities for upper Elementary School students to discuss and discover more about veterans.  It includes information about Alabama’s Role in World War One, Alabama’s 167th Infantry Regiment, and the Alabama Veterans Memorial Park in Birmingham as well as activities to learn more about the Star Spangled Banner and the Pledge of Allegiance.  

 Lesson Plan Two:   World War Two: Alabama Veterans  

This lesson plan contains activities for upper Elementary School students to discover more about World War Two, the branches and flags of the military, and three Alabama veterans. It also includes information about the United States after World War One, the factors leading to World War Two,  Alabama during the World War Two and the famous Tuskegee Airmen. 

Lesson Plan Three:  Rosie the Riveter and Beyond: Alabama Women's Contributions during WWII

This lesson plan contains activities for upper elementary school students to discuss and discover more about the role of women in World War Two.​

Lesson Plan Four:  Medal of Honor Recipients

This lesson plans contains activities for students in upper elementary schools to discuss poems about veterans, to research Alabama Medal of Honor recipients, and to write a biographical poem about a recipient.

Lesson Plan Five:  Korea and the Korean War

This lesson plan contains activities for upper Elementary School students to discover more about Korea and the Korean War by researching, analyzing pictures and writing.

Lesson Plan Six:  the Vietnam War

Part A:  The Impact of the Vietnam War on Alabama and the United States

This lesson plan contains an activity for upper elementary grades 4-6 to learn about the impact of the Vietnam War on Americans. Students will analyze opinions facing the Vietnam War as well as memorials honoring veterans who served during this time in history.

Part B:  The History of Vietnam and the United States Involvement

This lesson plan is designed for middle school students or older studying the Vietnam War.  This lesson contains an interactive slideshow with fill-in-the-blank guided notes to ensure active participation by all students.  In addition, a gallery walk activity containing twelve diverse images from the Vietnam War (provided by the National Archives) has been included to allow students to apply what they have learned via an image analysis activity.  QR codes have also been provided for each image in case teachers would prefer students to use technology to view the images. 


Lesson Plan Seven:  The Persian Gulf War

Part A:  An Introduction to the Persian Gulf War, Geography and Key Vocabulary

This lesson plan contains activities for upper elementary grades 4-6 to become acquainted with the key events leading up to the Persian Gulf War, to learn pertinent vocabulary, and to identify countries of the Middle East on a map.

Part B:  Key Events of the Persian Gulf War

This lesson plan uses illustrations for upper elementary school students to identify key events and elements in Desert Shield, Desert Storm, and Red Stone Arsenal.  It also contains activities to process this lesson as well as learn about an Alabama soldier.

New Lesson Plans will be added in the near future.  Please check back periodically to see what's been added.