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Hall of Honor


It is with honor and pride that we recognize and list the names of those selfless Alabama service members that have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country’s freedom.


The Hall of Honor is a uniquely designed 23 by 46-foot space, located at the end of the columns in the Memorial Plaza.  Written on the walls are the names of over 11,000 Alabama service men and women who were killed in action during the wars from 1900 to present.  These names were meticulously compiled. Before constructing the Memorial Plaza, the Alabama Veterans Memorial Foundation spent five years compiling the names of Alabama service members who had lost their lives as a result of their wartime military service. Sources for these names were varied, sometimes conflicting, and oftentimes incomplete. Primary sources are the Alabama Department of Veterans Affairs; the Departments of the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, and U.S. Air Force; Department of Defense; National Archives; the Legion Field Memorial; as well as names submitted by individual family members and friends. These lists were checked, cross-checked, publicized, and verified by several different means. The names were then arranged in order by conflict and alphabetized by the Alabama county.  For more information on the selection details click here.  


Inscribed above the names are quotes from the President of the United States at the time of the war. Standing in the center of the Hall is the sculpture, “The Last Watch,” created by John Ferrer, an Alabama artist.  The sculpture was strategically placed as if keeping watch while facing the large American flag.


You can click on the following wars below to see the names on the Hall of Honor walls:

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